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Really Right Stuff B2 LR II 60mm LR clamp with dual mount
[B2 LR II]

"Standard Width Lever-Release Clamp Install on ball stems with male stud threaded 3/8"-16."

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The B2 LLR II has dual mounts: center socket is countersunk on top but also threaded 3/8"-16. Mount by spinning onto an exposed threaded post or with flat head screw from above (accept M6 or 1/4"-20, not 3/8"). These clamps are appropriate for mounting on:

  • any head or platform with exposed 3/8"-16 threaded post
  • can drop onto a female socket tapped 1/4"-20 (for any RRS head) or metric 6 (for all others)
  • any head or platform with exposed 1/4"-20 threaded post - install a reducer bushing into the socket hole of the clamp
  • any head or platform with 3/8"-16 female socket - purchase our stainless steel 3/8"-16 stud
  • B2 LR II fits Foba Mini SuperBall
  • B2 LLR II fits Foba SuperBall (uses two M5 flat head screws)
  • B2 LR II fits some Manfrotto heads

B2 LLR II is 60mm (3.15") long (lever adds add'l 5/8"), one central countersunk 3/8"-16 socket, two 1/4"-20 countersunk sockets 1.8" center-to-center, spirit level, safety stop relief grooves, and centering index marks, 5.9oz/168g

Easy Top-Loading: In one quick action, the clamp can go from fully closed to fully open. No more lost shots while fumbling to feed the plates into the end of the clamp. The lever can be stopped in 3 positions: 1) fully closed; 2) half open; and, 3) fully open. The half-open position allows the camera/lens plate to slide within the clamp for minor positioning adjustment. Low Profile: Lever does not protrude above or below the profile of the clamp; perfect for low-clearance applications. Close-Fitting Shape: In the closed position, the lever closely hugs the contours of the clamp. This makes it less of a weed catcher in the field and reduces the chance of being damaged in a fall. Super-Tough: The Stainless Steel lever delivers a lifetime of wear.

  • Jaw Length = 2.4 inches / 60 mm
  • Width = 3.4 inches / 86 mm
  • Height = 0.6 inches / 17 mm
  • Weight = 5.6 ounces / 159 g

NOTE: Starting in 2012, the Really Right Stuff B2 LR II clamp automatically adjusts to accept all Arca-Swiss style plates except Arca-Swiss P0 Slidefix plates and plates made by Novoflex. Choose a screw-knob clamp if you have Novoflex plates.

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show more »tho following picture(s) were taken by assistance the Really Right Stuff B2 LR II 60mm LR clamp with dual mount

Alpenstrandläufer (Calidris alpina)

Alpenstrandläufer (Calidris alpina)

Kegelrobbe (Halichoerus grypus)

Knutt (Calidris canutus)

Fischotter (Lutra lutra)

Alpenstrandläufer (Calidris alpina)
Customer Reviews
Current Reviews: 3
by JÜRGEN L... Date Added: Friday 13 June, 2014
Excellenter Service und schneller Versand . Empfehlung .

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Henning S... Date Added: Thursday 03 April, 2014
Ich bin der Empfhelung auf gefolgt und habe die Schnellwechselklemme auf meine die Manfrottoplatte 410PL montiert. Alles sitzt sehr fest.
Ich bin begeistert, wie schnell jetzt die Kamera auf dem Stativ enisetzbar ist (voher musste ich sehr sauber und geduldigt die Platte platzieren.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
by Norbert W... Date Added: Friday 01 December, 2017
Der Einkauf erfolgte direkt auf der Messe, alles lief Reibungslos wie auch bei den normalen Bestellu.. [more]

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
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