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Really Right Stuff BOEM5-L Set L-Plate for Olympus OM-D E-M5
[BOEM5-L Set]

"L-Plate for Olympus OM-D E-M5, modular design"

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Custom made L-plate for

  • OM-D E-M5
Quick Release/compatibility
  • ARCA SWISS compatible (approved by manufacturer), 38 mm Dovetail style

Modular Design for maximum flexibility.


  • Length: 5.1" / 13.0cm
  • Width: 1.5" / 38mm
  • Height: 2.4" / 62mm
  • Weight: 2.8 oz / 80g


  • Wrap-around design allows maximum anti-twist with complete battery door access
  • Continuous dovetail across bottom maintains flat surface stability
  • CNC machined 6061-T6 Aluminum
  • Anodized; Type II Black
  • Modular Design for maximum flexibility
  • (1) 1/4"-20 threaded accessory mounting socket
  • Mounting point for modular grip component
  • Laser engraved center mark

Recommended Uses

  • Adding quick-release functionality to your camera body
  • Best and most stable method for changing between landscape and portrait orientations
  • Allows portrait orientation with panorama nodal slides
  • Allows landscape orientations with side mount gimbal heads

Really Right Stuff modular L-plates have all of the same advantages of RRS amazing L-plates, but are made from two separate components: a conventional base plate, and a dedicated vertical L-component that mounts on the left-hand side of the base plate. This modular approach offers the flexibility of allowing the photographer to remove the added L-component for a slimmer profile, or when maximum access to the side ports is needed.


Wipe off bottom of camera to prevent trapping dirt or grit. Looking at the front of the camera, place the vertical dovetail on the right side. Use included hex key to gently tighten screw, then check fit and position vertical dovetail as close as possible to side of camera. Firmly tighten mounting screw.


When removing the plate, take care to pull the plate away from the body of the camera as the captive screw is being loosened. This prevents the threads of the captive screw from damaging the slot or threaded socket in the plate. If the screw needs to be removed from the plate after it is removed from the camera, locate the screw at the threaded socket or threaded end of the slot and carefully guide the screw threads into female threads in the plate.

Note About Cable Releases & Tethering:

On some camera models, installing a cable may prevent you from CENTERING the camera when shooting in portrait. To solve this, some L-plates have a mounting slot instead of a threaded hole. To create additional clearance on the side of the camera, loosen the mounting screw slightly, slide the plate away from the side of the camera, and retighten screw.

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