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Wimberley Module 4: M-4 Macro Arm

"flexible, highly positionable arm for macro or telephoto flash work"

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Wimberley Module 4: M-4 Macro Arm

Extremely positionable arm for macro brackets or advanced telephoto work.

The articulating arm on this bracket is comprised of two double ball and socket links that lock positively and offer a great range of flash positions.

Attach this module to the top of any of the telephoto brackets for added reach and positionability (useful for side lighting, or when working from a blind or car window).

Weight: 0.70 lb

The M-4 Macro Arm Module is one component of the Wimberley Modular Flash Bracket System™. The Macro Arm Module is comprised of two double ball and socket arms that lock positively and offer an almost endless variety of flash positions. It is used in conjunction with the optional Quick-release Arm module (M-1) to form the F-2 Macro Bracket.

The M-4 Macro Arm Module with the optional Quick-release Arm module (M-1) as F-2 Macro Bracket is an extremely versatile bracket that attaches to most 38 mm Dove tail style lens plates, allowing you to use an off-camera flash unit. This bracket requires the use of an off-camera shoe cord or wireless adapter recommended by your camera manufacturer.

How to work the module:

To adjust a ball and clamshell segment, loosen the wing knob of the segment slightly, just enough to allow the ball ends contained in the clamshell to move easily. You may want to practice tightening and loosening the clamshells prior to mounting a flash cord and flash unit to the module so that you can get a better feel for how the M-4 Macro Arm tightens, loosens and holds position.

Accidentally opening one or both clamshells all the way will cause the module segment(s) to flop and can cause damage, especially when the flash unit is attached to the module. Most users should be able to tighten the clamshells by hand firmly enough to prevent movement of the ball joints. Note: when tightening the clamshells, excessive torque should not be required and may damage the module. Anything other than hand-tightening is not recommended and will void your product warranty.

Attach your flash to the platform & stud end of the Macro Arm with an off-camera flash cord adapter recommended by the manufacturer of your camera. Most off-camera flash hot shoe adapters should screw easily onto the 1/4 inch threaded stud on the platform end of the module (Nikon SC-29, Canon Off-camera Shoe Cord 3, etc.).

Arrange the segments to position your flash where needed, then tighten the wing knobs to hold the segments in place. Do not adjust any of the module segments, including the flash platform end, before loosening the clamshell slightly*. Once you have your macro arm set up and positioned with the flash cord and unit attached, retighten the knobs firmly to prevent the bracket from creeping. When the clamshells are suitably tight, the balls should not slip when the flash unit is mounted on the module. Note: the screws inside the wing knobs are stationary and stay stationary as the knob is tightened; therefore when tightened, a small amount of the screw head will be exposed and protrude from the top of the knob. This is normal.


when unscrewing an attached hot shoe adapter from the Macro Arm stud and platform, hold onto the black, knurled platform with one hand and then unscrew the hot shoe adapter with the other hand.

The segment stems are aluminum, not steel. It is possible to shear off (break) these ball segment stems if too much torque force is applied while the balls are still tightened within the clamshells. The rubber balls are meant to stay contained within the clamshell at all times and should not be removed for any reason.

Useful Tips:

  • If after using your Macro Arm for awhile you have trouble with it slipping or creeping when fully tightened, try washing the rubber surfaces with a small amount of dishwashing soap and a toothbrush to remove any oils that may have gotten onto the rubber. Rinse well and allow to dry thoroughly before using. You can also roughen the surface of the balls lightly with a small metal file to increase the holding friction. Please contact us if right away you have difficulty with the performance of your macro bracket.
  • Loosen the clamshells after disassembling your macro bracket for storage. This will allow the rubber on the balls to expand out to its normal shape and extend the life of your module.
  • Use your imagination! We think you’ll be surprised at the versatility of this module! Use the Macro Bracket unattached to the lens as a mini tripod for your flash or small camera, or hang it from a branch or rail.
  • For telephoto work, the Macro Arm module can also be used as an extender post or to position your flash at the front of the lens barrel, which can be useful if you are working from a blind .
  • The M-4 module can also be used to position the flash off-center for side lighting.
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