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Wimberley Universal Camera Body Plate P-5

"Arca-Swiss Style Universal Camera Body Plate, 3" Long"

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P-5 Features

Universal Design

  • Fits virtually any SLR, as well as many point-and-shoot cameras
  • No need to buy a new plate each time you upgrade your gear.
  • Easily move from camera to camera or share plates between multiple cameras.

Rock-Solid Connection - We specifically designed the P-5 to provide a solid, twist-free connection to your camera body.

Topside of Wimberley P-5 Camera Body Plate showing rubber surface with Camera Screw installed How It Works The P-5 features a thin layer of dense, smooth, but grippy rubber on its top surface. This coating grips the bottom of your camera, but is so dense and thin that it maintains the solid feel of a metal-to-camera connection. Beneath the rubber, the top surface of the plate is machined to ensure that the frictional force is concentrated on the outer portions of the plate. This provides the maximum mechanical advantage to resist twisting.

Lightweight - 1.4oz (40.8g)

A hollowed-out underside and lack of flanges or extensions on top minimizes bulk and weight.

Dual Safety Stops

The P-5 features the same unique dual safety stops found on our lens plates. Wimberley P-5 Camera Body Plate mounted on underside of Camera


The P-5's thin profile and generously rounded corners make it easy on the hands; it blends beautifully with the contours of your camera.

For further versatility, the P-5 offers a third hole that is threaded and can be used to attach your camera to a ¼” stud on a tripod head platform without the need for a quick-release clamp (see bottom view).

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Customer Reviews
Current Reviews: 1
by Michael A... Date Added: Thursday 02 August, 2012
Die Platte an sich ist (wie zu erwarten war) sehr gute Qualität. Sie ist rutschfest und somit wirklich verdreh sicher.
Jedoch ist die Gummierung sehr "rau" und "hart". Nicht zu empfehlen bei einem empfindlichen Kameraboden! Das Metall-Label mit der Kamera-Seriennummer wurde bei meiner EOS 5D Mk 3 von der rauen Oberfläche in eine "Kraterlandschaft" verwandelt, und sieht jetzt nichtmehr gut aus.
Also evtl. eher für Objektivschellen nutzen, oder nur bei unempfindlichem Kameraboden einsetzen.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]
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