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Tragopan V+
[Tragopan V+]

"Hide with rapid deployment, for itinerant photographer, for session of various durations, 1,27 x 1,27 x 1,40 m, ca 4 kg, includes carrying case"

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Photography Hide Tragopan V+

Hide with rapid deployment, for itinerant photographer, for session of various durations.

This Hide is made of a waterproof 150D « oxford » polyester, allying lightness with strength. The Hide is delivered in a carrying bag.

  • Color : brown
  • Pattern : Understorey


  • Width x Width : 1,27 x 1,27 m
  • Height with the cross poles : 1,40 m
  • Height without the cross poles : 1,25 m
  • Size folded on its carrying bag : diameter: 0,50 x 0,09 m
  • Weight : ca. 4 kg


This hide is a more spacious version of our historical model. It keeps the major characteristics of the V4 and previous version, but with the following modifications:

The size has been increased to offer more comfort

The two lateral sides has been modified with a window system to take opportunistic pictures

The door has been modified to create a large window offering a wider angle of view


This Hide has been realised in a waterproof 150D polyester, alloying lightness with strength. The Hide is delivered in a carrying bag comprising two straps and allowing to carry it as a backpack, or a shoulder bag, or even fixed in the front of a camera backpack.

This Hide is built on a structure of 4 metal frames, that unfolded themself once the Hide is taken out from its carrying bag. (BE CAREFULL NOT BEING CAUGHT OUT BY THE OPENING).

The opening can be controlled by handling firmly the frame once taking out the Hide from its carrying bag. The Hide will unfold itself as soon as you loosen your hand from it.

The Hide is delivered with 2 poles to bulge the roof out. The pole's tip has to be place inside the Hide, on the webbing that is stitched at mid-height in each corners. By using these crossing poles, the Hide roof will raise about 15 cm higher. The use of these poles is optional but we advise people to use them in case of rain to avoid water accumulation on the roof, or if the Hide has to be left in the field for long time, especially in changeable weather. Tall people will appreciate use them as well.

The Hide is delivered with 8 stakes, 4 stakes to fixed it on the ground using the webbing stitched at the base of the 4 corners, and 4 stakes in case of strong wing to reinforce the Hide stability with the 4 wind-strings delivered together.

On each side of the Hide a total of 12 thin cords are located outside of the Hide to improve the camouflage by adding natural elements : leaves, branches, grasses...

The Hide has a single door that can be opened and closed from inside as well as from outside with a thick zipper. The door can be half-opened, creating a large mesh window with a zipped opening in its centre, which allows to get a lens through it.

Two of the opposite sides of the Hide have zipped window, with a mesh and main material layers. These are especially designed for opportunities pictures. When all the gears with tripods...are fixed on the main shooting side of the Hide, it can be difficult to remove everything without making a lot of noise, for this reason we've creating this special window which can silently be unzipped as an animal approach from the side, and taking picture of it with handheld camera. Each of these windows, as well as the door, includes a peephole.

The main shooting side of the Hide has the historical configuration of windows and opening of TRAGOPAN photoblind as described below :

A special opening to let one leg of the tripod being outside of the Hide, but also allowing taking pictures at ground level as well as using a 45° eyepiece scope for digiscoping. This opening is made of a zipper with 4 zipper puller. The 2 zippers puller in the middle creates the opening for the tripod leg, the one below creates a inverted T shape window at about 15 cm above the ground, and the one on the top a T shape window to be use with a 45° eyepiece scope being comfy sitting.

One main window where various sleeves and shutters as described below can be used to suit your needs. This window is of rectangular shape.

Every main window has two small peepholes (5 x10 cm) located on each side. Each of these small windows has one shutter made of semi-transparent net and one of opaque material. These shutters can be fixed open or close very silently.

The Tragopan V+ is delivered with the below set of removable windows and sleeves:

  • an opaque square sleeve with a small integrated zipped opening to use a speedlight or survey what is happening outside the Hide. This sleeve is delivered with a rectangular opaque shutter (also with an integrated zipped opening), which allows you to position the sleeve at the desired height and to cover the rest of the windows with the shutter. The entire system is fixed by « Velcro ».
  • a mesh square sleeve also delivered with an additional shutter made of mesh to adjust the height of the sleeve on the window. These are also fixed by " Velcro ".
  • 1 mesh shutter with a slot in the middle and which are fixed by « Velcro ».
  • 1 opaque shutter zipped to the Hide and which the opening can be freely adjusted. This opaque shutter can be used in addition of the mesh shutter.

To conclude, because of the use of « velcro » we advise people to set up their window configuration when they install the Hide in order to avoid further noise during the session. After having been fixed, the different shutters and windows can be opened or closed very silently.

a pocket is located in one of the four side of the Hide inside, it can be used to put the additional windows unused or some light accessories.

The Hide is delivered with an explanation notice to fold back the Hide. This frightening step will soon become a formality after a few tries.

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