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Tragopan Monal V1
[Monal V1]

"New stable and versatile Hide for two persons."

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324.95 €
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New stable and versatile Hide for two persons.

This Hide has 6 shooting windows, a removable ground floor, an inner room with good ventilation and a canopy.

This Hide has been designed to sleep inside for long session by all weather and / or for two people shooting side by side.


  • Color: brown
  • Pattern: Understorey
  • Period of use: all year round

Size (open):

  • height:  1m40
  • length: 2m20
  • width:  1m40

Size (in its carrying bag):

  • height:  20 cm
  • length:  80 cm
  • width:  25 cm


  • 3,03 Kg (without any accessories)
  • 5,99 Kg (with all accessories)


This new Hide has been designed to fully filled two needs, first allow to sleep inside for long period with the comfort needed for such long Hide session, secondly to allow two peoples to shoot side by side with enough room inside.

Helped by its expanded canopy system, the Monal is the only Hide in the market, which allows to take picture by rainy or snowy weather with the entire lens, and even big lens, sheltered from the rain.

The Monal Hide comprises an inner room and a roof-canopy, which extends widely on each side of the tent, avoiding any water infiltration through the shooting windows.

The inner room is quickly installed, helped by the rapid deployment system, which is similar to the Tragopan V5 one. The canopy requires to insert 4 anodized aluminium poles on its periphery to be installed. The canopy is fixed to the main room by four clips and webbing which allow to adjust its tension. The installation of the canopy is optional by nice weather and for short session, and it can be replace by a camo net (like this one) thrown on the inner room top, thus reducing the total weight to carry and speeding up the installation process.

The inner room comprise two larges aerations on its top, which guarantees a perfect ventilation inside.

The removable ground floor is easily taken off with a zipper on all its periphery, offering a great sealing to insects and other unwanted animals inside the tent. The ground floor is best removed for short Hide session, thus reducing the total weight to be carried out.

The Hide is delivered with 10 pegs, 6 pegs to fixed it on the ground using the webbing strap at the base of each corners and two at mid-length, and 4 pegs in case of strong wing to reinforce the Hide stability with the 4 wind strings delivered together. To use the wind string fasteners, the roof-canopy has to be unified with the inner room frame using the small hook behind the fastener (see picture).

On each side of the Hide a total of 16 thin cords (4 cords per side) are stitched outside of the Hide to improve the camouflage by fixing natural elements: leaves, branches, grasses...

The Hide has two doors that can be opened and closed from inside as well as from outside with a thick and silent zipper.

Two pockets are located inside on each length of the Hide, they can be used to put the unused additional shutters and sleeves or some light accessories. 

The Monal Hide has 6 shooting positions all identical, 2 on each length side and 1 at each end, they all show the same configuration of windows and opening described as below:


  • A special opening to let one leg of the tripod being outside of the Hide, but also allowing taking pictures at ground level as well as using a 45° eyepiece scope for digiscoping. This opening is made of a zipper with 4 zipper puller. The 2 zippers puller in the middle create the opening for the tripod leg, the one below creates a inverted T shape window at about 15 cm above the ground, and the one on the top a T shape window to be use with a 45° eyepiece scope being comfy sitting.


  • One main window where various sleeves and shutters as described below can be used to suit your needs. This window is of rectangular shape.


The Monal is delivered with the below set of removable windows and sleeves:

  • two opaque square sleeves  with a small integrated  zipped opening in order to use a speedlight or survey what is happening outside the Hide. Each sleeve is delivered with a rectangular opaque shutter (also with an integrated zipped opening) which allow you to position the sleeve at the desired height and to cover the rest of the windows with the shutter. The entire system is fixed by «Velcro ». 


  • Two mesh square sleeves also delivered with an additional shutter made of mesh to adjust the height of the sleeve on the window. These are also fixed using "Velcro".


  • 6 mesh shutters with a slot in the middle and which are fixed using « Velcro ».


  • 6 opaque shutters zipped to the Hide and which the opening can be freely adjusted. These opaque shutters can be use in addition of the mesh shutter.


As the Tragopan V5, the Monal also offers a new window option ; by opening the door half-way, you will benefit of an « extra » large window which will be greatly appreciated by wildlife filmmakers. 

The Hide is delivered with an explanation notice to open and close the Hide.

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