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Really Right Stuff FG-02 ULT-Set: Side-Gimbal with B2-LR II lever-release clamp + Panorama + Craddle
[FG-02 ULT-Set]

"Side-Gimbal with B2-LR II lever-release clamp, Nodal-Slide and Craddle-Clamp"

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We assorted the ultimate fluid damped combination of Gimbal head, multi-row panorama head, macro- and wide angle lens Gimbal.

This combination allows the usage as

  • Side Gimbal
  • Gimbal head with cradle clamp
  • Single-row panorama head with flexible nodal point adapter for various camera lens combinations
  • Multi-row panorama head with flexible nodal point adapter for various camera lens combinations
  • Fluid Gimbal for macro-, wide angle lens- and standard photography including rail for focusing and balance

All mentioned functions are combined in only one Fluid-Gimbal, that can be modified without tools upon your specific need.

The FG-02 Fluid-Gimbal head represents a culmination of continuing innovation in design here at Really Right Stuff. It combines the major features of two great tripod head styles into a single device, offering high-caliber fluid-damped panning and tilting for telephoto lenses and heavy-weight setups, all while maintaining the extremely versatile capabilities of our existing Pano-Gimbal product line.


  • True fluid damping for both Tilt and Pan axes
  • Modular design keeps it compact for packing
  • Integral dovetail base allows quick mounting & dismounting
  • Use as a gimbal head with the heaviest of loads, or use as a multi-row panorama head with all gear

What’s in the box?


  • Load Capacity: 50 pounds (23kg)
  • Damped Load Capacity: 15 pounds (6.8kg)
  • Pan & Tilt Range: 0-360º continuously
  • Damping Adjustment: 3 levels + Off
  • Assembled Height: 9.5 inches (241mm)
  • Weight: 1500 g
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0ºF to 140ºF (-18ºC to 60ºC)

As with the PG-02 heads, the FG-02 can be fitted with a variety of clamp options, including our B2-LR-VC Video Clamp with its control arm. This modularity allows you to choose the clamp that best suits your primary use of the head without compromising the other functions.

With the addition of three user-selectable levels of fluid damping resistance, the FG-02 Fluid-Gimbal head gives users a customizable control over the speed and resistance of their camera movements. This allows for even greater framing precision for still images and the smooth fluid movements needed for beautiful cinema shots, regardless of the size or weight of the lens.

The FG-02 features an all new dovetail base for quick-release mounting on our leveling bases and other clamps, as well as a new Vertical Arm base which can be top-loaded onto the dovetail of the Horizontal Base. This allows for easy assembly and disassembly, even with the safety stops in place. The modular design makes packing a breeze, with the main components packed together or separate, and making the FG-02 an extremely travel-friendly support for otherwise heavy gear.

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