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Wimberley Quick Release Plate P-40

"Wimberley Quick Release Plate P-40 for Nikon, Canon, Sigma, Tamron lenses ..."

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Lens plate for:

  • ...universal
  • 200-400mm f4L IS USM Extender 1.4x
  • 500mm f4 L IS
  • 500mm f4.5
  • 280-560mm APO-TELYT-R Modular System
  • 400-800mm APO-TELYT-R Modular System
  • 200-400mm f4 AFS VR
  • 200-400mm MF
  • 200-400mm VR II
  • 400mm f2.8E FL ED VR
  • 500mm f4 AFS I
  • 500mm f4 AFS II
  • 500mm f4 AFS-VR
  • 500mm f4 D AFI
  • 500mm f4.5 MF SMCP
  • 120-300mm F2.8 DG OS HSM | Sport
  • 50-500mm f4.0-6.3 EX DG
  • 80-400mm f4.5-5.6 EX OS APO
  • Lens-Collar with Foot TS-41
Quick Release/compatibility
  • ARCA SWISS compatible (approved by manufacturer), 38 mm Dovetail style

Note for Sigma Lenses:
The above recommendations assume that the standard factory foot is installed on the lens. Sigma sometimes installs their larger TS-41 Replacement Collar and Foot on their lenses. Please measure the length of the foot on your lens to make sure that our suggested plate is correct (the plate should be about 1" longer that the foot on your lens).

The Wimberley quick-release lens plate P 40 is an Arca-Swiss compatible plate with double dovetail cross-section. It works with the Wimberley quick-release clamps, but also with other Arca-Swiss compatible clamps.

Wimberley plates are designed to accommodate different kinds of flash bracket systems apart from the Wimberley one, i e those from Kirk Photo and Really Right Stuff. The double-dovetail cross-section allows to fix the flash bracket to either the top or to the bottom of the plate.

The plate comes with three captive screws (SW-100), four fasteners and two hex keys.

There are safety stops at both ends of the plate making sure that your expensive lens will not slip out of the clamp when this is released. The Wimberey quick-release clamps have special channels to ensure a maximum of backward-forward adjustment for balancing lenses. If you want to remove these safety stops for some reason, you can do so using the included hex key.

Length: 14.94 cm (5,88’’)
Height: 0.95 cm (0.37'')
Weight: 127,5 g

In the box:

  • safety stop screws
  • 3 x 1/4" Screws SW-100
  • 1 x brass reducer bushing BS-100

Please note: For usage with some lenses (i.e. Canon 500mm f4.0 IS) please order the corresponding number of brass reducer bushings BS-100.

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Zum Produkt.

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